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FIRL Podcast - Tradeview

This is my first English interview / podcast for Tradeview. Thanks to FIRL podcast for arranging me to come on air.

The interview / podcast is a tad long but I hope it can be of use to you all. For my readers over the years, thank you for your years of support and hope it is to your liking.  

"It is extremely hard to gain traction by writing about fundamental investing or simply put “investing the right way”, against the temptations of returns and promises of quick profits by operators, speculators, or syndicates. Yet, as in all things worth fighting for, I remembered that the innate nature of humans is to pursue a better life for themselves and their families. Therefore, the stock market, which has helped me in my pursuit of happiness, should not be branded incessantly as a pit of greed, ignorance, and tragedy due to shady elements in the market."

Passage from "Once Upon A Time In Bursa : The Money Equation", Prologue, Page 8


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