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Warren Buffet : Some People Shouldn't Own Stocks (2018 CNBC Interview)



Warren Buffet in the video above points out "Some people are not actually emotionally or psychologically fit to own stocks but I think more of them would be if you get educated on what you're really buying which is part of a business and the longer you hold stocks the less risky they become." 

In times of uncertainty, I would turn to the best minds for comfort. No matter how many years I have invested in the market, there will be moments of weakness or lack of confidence in my judgment calls. I am after all human. However, the past can always teach us a lot of things. So do not, let the present affect your outlook towards the future. 

"Past experience has always shown that the stock market will normalize the gyrations in due course when the forces of demand and supply reaches an equilibrium. If the stock market is not going your way but you are convinced that you have invested in a gem, you can extend your investment horizon further. It will give you more comfort to hold on, sit tight, and ride the rebound in time. No one can time the bottom. I, for one, definitely cannot do it. However, as long as I can buy into a stock at a level on which I am comfortable with, I am unlikely to pass on the opportunity."


Passage from "Once Upon A Time In Bursa : The Money Equation", Chapter 10, Page 116

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