January 29, 2023

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StarBiz No. 21 - Time, Horizon & Market Cycle

Dear all, this is my 21st weekly column in StarBiz.

One of the more frequent questions I get from readers whenever the market is down is whether "should I cut loss losses or sell and hold cash first?". Some goes as far as saying "I want to give up investing altogether."

This is what down cycle in the stock market does to the psyche of investors. However, it is my view that everything is relative to time when it comes to investing. Believe it or not, time is your best friend. So long as you invest in good quality fundamental companies, do not over worry and let time run it's course. Feel free to have a read.

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CITYPlus FM【城市话题】—— 新政府百日执政,经济相关部门合格吗?
Chong Jin Yoong, President of CFA Society

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