September 29, 2022

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StarBiz No. 43 - Beware of "Alternative Investments"

The weak capital markets return in the past 2 years have led to rise of scams and "alternative investments". Such opportunities have led many disillusioned retail or mom & pop investors to try out unorthodox and unregulated investment products considering they did not have much luck with the stock market. However, most if not all are in fact scams disguised as investments.

It is necessary to be careful to avoid falling into the trap of conmen and syndicates. While the modus operandi have evolved over the years, the thesis remains the same - guaranteeing sky high returns within the shortest span of time, tapping on the greed & impatience of ordinary folks. Hope you enjoy reading this week's StarBiz Column.


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Mad Hatter Founder - Marcus Low
StarBiz No. 42 - Khazanah Makes The Right Bet

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