April 02, 2023

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大马人才济济,但不少选择在国外发展。调查结果显示,2021年更有高达72%的受访雇员考虑到海外工作! 财经周刊《Focus Malaysia》一篇专栏文章特别点名,西澳洲坦尼国会议员林文清和澳洲候任外交部长黄英贤,还有在美国太空总署(NASA)担任副首席技术专家的陈薇敏,都是大马之光。 为何这些来自大马的人才没有留在国内呢?一方面有百万人才外流,另一方面又引进百万外劳。 这样矛盾的经济架构是否让大马裹足不前?

嘉宾:黄詝瀚 (财经专栏作家)

主持人:Emily Ng 黃佩玲 & Miss P 舒敏



This  information should not and cannot be construed as or relied on and (for  all intents and purposes) does not constitute financial, investment or  any other form of advice. Any investment involves the taking of  substantial risks, including (but not limited to) complete loss of  capital. Every investor has different strategies, risk tolerances and  time frames. You are advised to perform your own independent checks,  research or study; and you should contact a licensed professional before  making any investment decisions.

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