March 21, 2023

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Best Time To Buy, Is When The Fear Is In Your Gut.



I wrote increasingly frequent as the market plunge and less so when the market rebounded. This was the same back in March plunge 2020. I believed readers and retail investors needs the most guidance and assurance during the selloff instead of good times. It’s presumptuous to assume my writings can calm the market but there were many other good financial writers who wrote sensible, wonderful and powerful articles which helped our investment community stay calm in the face of extreme panic selling back in August / September. 

Since 12th August until 17th October 2020, I have written : 
  • 17 commentaries (more than 10 on Gloves)
  • 10 articles (more than half on Gloves and vaccines)
I remembered one of my long time subscriber asked me during the height of the selloff “Why is the market ignoring stellar results and although earnings defies expectations, analysts still downgraded the Glove stocks as though it’s overvalued penny stock? What should I do now?” My answer was simple : “Now is the best time to buy because you feel the fear in your gut. Others would too.” He bought then. And he sold today. 
My sharing today focuses only on one key message to investors and readers of mine. You all know I have been writing for many years now, long before all these FB live “Gurus”, “webinars coaches” etc became normal. All my past writings are in my blog and channel. So you all know, I am easily one of the most transparent, honest and accountable financial writer in the investment community. I am not promotional and definitely put my readers interest at heart as I know majority of retail investors use hard earned savings to invest in the market. If you really want to achieve financial independence or consistent supplemental income, digest the message I am trying to convey - the only way you can survive and excel in the share market is to be :
1. knowledgeable (overcome ignorance) 
2. humble (overcome ego)
3. patient (overcome greed)
4. committed (overcome laziness)
5. courageous (overcome fear)
6. convicted (overcome indecisiveness)
Do not waste time with penny stocks based on tips, do not be swayed by noises / negativity. Use logical deduction, common sense and reasonableness whilst focusing on fundamentals and earnings as well as balance sheet of a company. 
This entire saga of Glove sector is an evident testament of it. It is in fact one of the most memorable investment experience of my life and a defining moment in my investment journey. 
Most of you who are still holding glove stocks, I am sure you understand what I mean. Those who are no longer holding or refuse to invest in glove stocks, if you let down your ego, you will comprehend what I am saying. 
Riverstone, Hartalega, Top Glove, Supermax, Comfort, UG Healthcare, Sri Trang share price are all driven by fundamentals. Essentially, fundamental earnings will always dictate share price movement regardless of the criticisms, negativity and adversity. Those are just noises and gyrations. Those who called recovery play asking others to rotate out of gloves to oil & gas, retail and tourism stocks are now being punished by the market for moving too soon. Ego and ignorance are being punished, losing money is just a byproduct. 
And those who were sensible and held on probably made even more than the first round they invested in gloves stock this year. We, as Malaysian investors are very lucky because we have an entire glove industry that is supporting the KLCI Bursa and delivering strong earnings which translates to income for many households including my own. We have the access to the opportunity of a lifetime for investment which other financial markets don’t simply because Malaysia control 65% of gloves market share. 
I decided to take this opportunity early in the year, more so during middle of the year and again during August & September selloff. I will be the first to admit publicly, it is not easy going contrarian against the market sentiment & momentum but this is one investment experience of a lifetime which I do not regret one bit. 

Food for thought: 



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Monday, 20 March 2023
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