January 26, 2022

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Is It Rewarding Being An Author & Writing A Book?

Source : MPHClicks

Since publishing a book, many asked me, "Am I making a lot of money selling books?" I believe this is a misconception. When we think about authors, we tend to relate to Dan Brown or J.K Rowling. In actual fact, these are exceptions to the norm. Most authors are struggling through life before their book even catches public attention. Many fade into oblivion.

It may comes as a surprise to many, although investment is such an important endeavor, many often rely on unverified sources and forums instead of of proper information such as those from a book. What is more ironic is the unwillingness to spend on books which cost a fraction of a single trade. A single trade would easily come up to tens of thousands of dollars. But a book only cost less than RM60. So, writing a book is definitely not for the money.

I have received emails from readers asking for more discounts although the book is only RM 55 (before discount varies between website & bookstores). Half of this amount goes to the printers and the balance goes to publisher with the author having only a small fraction of the sale of the book. As much as I would like to encourage those who emailed me to get a copy of my book by giving additional discount, the book may be sold at a loss.

To be fair, monetary gains for writing a book is unimportant to me. That is not why I wrote a book in the first place. My main motivation is hopefully with my writing, it would tilt the balance slightly for retail investors. When I was informed there were some very nice independent reviews done by Ben Tan and Ryunanda on stockBit on the book, I was honestly both surprised and appreciative. It was kind of them to get a copy to support and on their own volition write a nice review for the book. This means a lot to a first time author like myself where there is no media coverage thus far to help the sales for my book.

I have been writing many years as a financial blogger before AcePremier knocked on my door and gave me this opportunity. I have always believed that as long as I write honestly, independently and objectively, there will be readers who appreciate it over the other syndicate / promoter driven articles. This is also one of the main reasons I almost never placed a sponsored ad for my past writings.

To all readers who have supported me all these years, I am grateful as without which I would not have reached another major milestone today. For those who have gotten a copy, thank you for your encouragement, it gives me the validation that my effort in writing a book is a worthy cause.

Those who have read the book and found it nice, please feel free in your spare time to leave a review for the book from where you bought it (whether MPH, Popular, Shopee or Modern) or at the comments section of this Facebook Promotional Video link - here .

Click HERE

An honest review would be the best advertisement that money can't buy.

Source : https://bentanmy.com/book-review-once-upon-a-time-in-bursa-tradeview/
Source : Ryunanda Stockbit
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Tuesday, 25 January 2022
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