March 21, 2023

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CITYPlusFM【城市话题】— 恒大事件岌岌可危,中国“打房”引发房产压力

That will be the biggest focus and story for the week.

Coinciding with that, #CityPlusFM the Mandarin radio station similar to BFM has invited me to their primetime morning show for a live interview at 8am. I will be on their airwaves and Facebook live as well. For those who are on the road, feel free to tune in FM106 (Klang Valley) & FM92.5 (Kuching). Those who find it too early, there will be a replay on their Facebook and podcast later on.

房地产巨头中国恒大集团,近期陷入了严重的债务危机,外界甚至传出恒大可能面临破产,股价应声暴跌。 恒大长期靠举债实现扩张,估计目前负债超过1.8万亿元,加上遭到中国政府整顿 "打房",面临巨大监管压力。 信用评级机构惠誉(Fitch)将恒大集团及其地产公司评级由CCC+下调至CC,即违约风险较高。投资者纷纷要求偿还贷款,引发抗议事件。 究竟恒大该如何处理这场债务危机?恒大债务问题将对整个中国金融系统构成什么风险?

主持:Wayne Lee 运祥 & Chasie 馨莹

#CITYPlusFM #FM106 #城市向前行 #城市话题 #中国恒大事件

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Monday, 20 March 2023
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