June 29, 2022

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2019 Year End Portfolio Return 33% as at 10th December

Image result for 2019 2020 look back

2019 is ending and 2020 is only a few weeks away. Whilst everyone said 2019 was a bad year, indeed, it was in terms of the market that has fallen from 1670 last year to 1560 today, we are proud to share our return YTD on public record is 33% YTD. This is excluding dividends gain. Of course, the number of shares invested is much lesser as well compared to past years which is natural in the case of large market uncertainty and fear.

As in the past, our practice of tracking our writings is for the purpose of transparency and accountability. This is the full year updated results as of end of 10th December 2019. 

This is just a simple periodical report to keep track of my progress for readers. 
*The picks from when it was call until 10th December 2019 : (Gains exclude div) 
1. TM - Called on 16th December 2018 @ below RM 2.40 vs Present RM 3.82 (59.2% Gain) 
2. PPHB - Called on 16th December 2018  @ RM 0.50 vs Present RM 1.08 (216% Gain) 
3. DKSH - Called on 16th December 2018  @ RM 2.21 vs Present RM 2.62 (18.5% Gain) 
4. BJ Food - Called on 16th December 2018 @ RM 1.32 vs Present RM 1.41 (6.4% Gain) 
5. Perstima - Called on 16th December 2018 @ RM 4.75 vs Present RM 4.20 (-12% Loss) 
6. Elsoft Research - Called on 16th December 2018 @ RM 1.17 vs Present RM 0.845 (-28% Loss) 
7. HIL Industries Bhd - Called on 4th March 2019 @ RM 0.52 vs Present RM 0.55 (5.8% Gain) New call 2019
8. Pecca Group Bhd - Called on 6th March 2019 @ RM 1.07 vs Present RM 1.20 (12.1% Gain) New call 2019

9. Unimech Group Bhd - Called on 8th March 2019 @ RM 1.03 vs Present RM 1.25 (21% Gain) New call 2019
New Watchlist for 2H 2019 : MSM, Mflour and GenM
Our Average Portfolio Gain Year-To-Date (Based on equal shareholding & excluding dividend gain) : 33% Gain beating the KLCI Index Return of -7% Loss  (We start counting from 16th Dec 2018 at 1670 till today to be fair) 
As of now, it is 7/9 winners against losers.  
Guidance In A Bear Market, Correction or Selldown...
2018 Year End Portfolio Return -1.24% as at 30th D...

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Wednesday, 29 June 2022
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