January 29, 2023

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EcoWorld International IPO Investor Roadshow

As some of you all may know, my background is a professional in the Corporate M&A and Real Estate industry. Recently, we were invited to take part in the EcoWorld International IPO Investor Roadshow as a prospective investor.

The event was once again held in Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur on 10th March. EcoWorld International CEO, Dato Teow Leong Seng, EcoWorld Bhd CEO Datuk Chang Kim Wah, and staff were in attendance along side bankers, lawyers and notable investors. I would like to take this opportunity to share some key takeaways for all.


1. EcoWorld International ("EWI") is property developer with primary investments and development projects in London, UK and Sydney, Australia.

2. Currently, there are 3 key projects in London namely City Island, Wardian, Embassy Garden and 1 key project in Sydney namely West Village, Parramatta.

2. Below is a video of Dato' Teow explaining the 4 key projects.

4. The 4 key projects has a combined GDV of RM12.96 Billion.

5. Profit recognition for EWI will likely kick in FY2018 when most of the project's Phase 1 achieve completion.

6. Retail offering is priced at RM1.20. Of the total shares capital, only 17% is allocated for the retail investor. Institutional investor will have 18.7%, EcoWorld Bhd and GuocoLand will each have 27%. EPF and PNB has also agreed to come onboard as cornerstone investor for the institution portion.

6. Despite various headwinds such as Brexit, Trump's surprise Presidential win, EWI continued to maintain the strong performance. As at 31 January 2017, EWI achieved a cumulative sales of RM6.5 Billion. This is truly impressive.

7. Contrary to hearsays and rumours in the market, majority of EWI's sales in UK and Australia are the locals. China and HK leads close second followed by Malaysians. This well-balanced portfolio of buyers is actually sustainable.

8. GuocoLand's tie-up with EWI will potentially unlock the value of Guoco's many old hotels which are due for redevelopment. Initially, we were worried that EWI and Guoco were in it together merely to share the risk instead of true synergistic opportunities. Following Dato' Teow's explanation, we were satisfied that both parties are in line to work towards growing EWI together.

Our Opinion :

EcoWorld International is the continuation of the remarkable turnaround tale of Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin and his team of loyal soldiers since their departure from SP Setia (following the move by PNB). If EcoWorld Bhd's reverse takeover of Focal Aims was Chapter 1, EcoWorld International is definitely the second coming.

We believe in the prospect of EcoWorld International for the following reason :

1. We have visited 2 out of 3 of EWI London's project and seen it for ourselves that the projects' response was overwhelming.

2. GuocoLand belongs to Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan who is known for his sharp investment and corporate moves. He would not take up such a big stake if there is no substantial upside to this company.

3. EWI still has many of Tan Sri Liew's loyal and competent staff with him. The board of directors are highly respected professionals in their own field such as former CEO of EPF Tan Sri Azlan Zainol, prominent banker former MD of AmBank Cheah Tek Kuang amongst others.

4. EWI interest among the own company's staff, bankers, lawyers and public retail investors are extremely high. Such excitement in a major IPO has not been seen in a long time.

5. We are 100% certain EWI shares will be heavily oversubscribed many times over.

6. Tan Sri Liew is on a trajectory towards building an international company. He has moved on from being just the biggest Malaysian property developer. A man who is out to retrieve a lost child is fearless. We have yet to have the privilege to meet Tan Sri Liew himself. However, we may witness one of the best corporate tycoon of Malaysia in our time reaching the pinnacle of his career. A rags to riches story, who wouldn't like to support it?

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Sunday, 29 January 2023
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