October 16, 2021

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Insights - 8 Companies to Accumulate on Weakness

Over the weekend, I wrote this article on 2016 outlook. Simple, easy to understand but more importantly, my followers have been writing to me to ask me how do I derive such outlook.
I believe nobody can predict the market. Forecasters or Analyst no matter how experience, cannot tell you what will happen tomorrow. It is up to you to decide whether to trust their opinions or formulate your own. Similarly, when I post articles, It is never to brag or put down or praise or glorify anything or anyone. I only want to share what I know with my humble learnings so maybe one or two readers can benefit from it. Maybe because when I started trading, I too wanted guidance but could not. Below was the 2nd reminder I sent out to my readers following the bull run on Friday 29 January 2016. I am sharing with you all as below :
My fellow investors, following the long weekend, China data today shown further weakness in their economy. PMI number is below forecast hence resulted in some profit taking. Some people ask me whether I see CNY rally soon. Honestly, I dont think there will be any CNY rally this year. As my earlier article to you all, CNY rally means a rally in blue chips, second liners and third liners. This week is another shorten trading week with only 4 days. Most retailers would have cash out by now following the disappointing January month. Friday run up was at most a month end book dressing coupled with the sudden unexpected BOJ negative interests rate.
However, I honestly would appeal to all my followers to please be rational when buying shares. If your view of the fundamentals of Msia economy or the world is doubtful, whatever rally or run up is only temporary. Equities market is getting harder to earn the so called "quick bucks". Unless you have the funds to buy and hold, i advise to stay out.
Seeing that CNY is soon, I will reiterate the counters to monitor and look to accumulate on weakness. These are solid counters backed by good fundamentals, hence there is no need to worry about volatility. 
1. CCB - Results out mid Feb

2. Magni - Olympic 2016
3. Tguan - double positive (low oil price and weak MYR) 
4. Perstim - Superb dividend yield / monopolistic position / weak MYR /recent results good / steady
5. Apollo - Dividend Play / Consumer stock laggard
6. UPA - Dividend play and export play (laggard compared to Chee Wah)
7. FFHB - Starbucks play / turnaround company / mulling dividend policy
8. TeoSeng - whacked down to attractive valuation / consumer staple / laggard compared to peers despite being one of the biggest player in the market
Food for thought: 
USD vs Export Counters
2016 Outlook

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Friday, 15 October 2021
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