October 16, 2021

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2016 Year End Portfolio Return With Net 13.05% Gain as at 23rd December

Thank you for the support through out 2016. This has been the year of volatility and unexepcted surprises. While it has been a tough year for many of us, however, let's look ahead with the new year fast approaching. May 2017 be a better year for all.
This is my final report card for 2016. As most of you readers all know, I am the only financial writer who provides a MONTHLY report card to ensure transparency and accountability on all my value picks to the public. The purpose is for record and for clarity sake. As this is the last month, I will also sum the return for the year. Please note, this is not to boast or shout but merely for transparency and accountability purposes. 
This is just a simple periodical report to keep track of the progress of my picks for readers. My updates is for the purpose of transparency and accountability to the calls I have made. Feel free to cross check my comments / article posting date as reference for the calls.
*The stocks from when it highlighted until 23 Dec 2016 : (Gains exclude div) 
1. Cycle Carriage Bintang - On 29th Oct RM 3.30 vs Present RM 2.94  (-11% Loss)
2. Apollo - On 30th Oct RM 4.91 vs Present RM 5.47 (11.4% Gain) 
3. Gadang - On 30th Oct RM 1.63 vs Present RM 1.04 (Equivalent to RM 2.60 after share split and bonus warrants) (59.5% Gain)
4. Magni Tech - On 22nd Dec Oct RM 4.20 vs Present RM4.31 (2.6% Gain)
5. UPA - On 4th Nov RM 1.70 vs Present RM 2.17 (28% Gain)
6. FFHB - On 29th Dec RM 0.81 vs Present RM 0.63 (-23% Loss)
7. Perstima - On 29th Dec RM 5.35 vs Present RM 6.79 (27% Gain)
8. Teoseng - On 29th Jan RM 1.29 vs Present RM 0.97 (-25% Loss) 
9. Analabs - On 26th Feb RM 2.06 vs Present RM 2.18 (5.8% Gain)
10. SCC - On 17th May RM 2.09 vs Present RM 1.72 (-17.8% Loss)
11. Digi - On 10th May RM 4.4 vs Present RM 4.95 (12.5% Gain)
12. Litrak - On 3rd June RM 5.4 vs Present RM 5.81 (7.6% Gain)
13. BJToto - On 5th May RM 3.00 vs Present RM 2.96 (-1.7% Loss)
14. Pensonic - On 31st July RM 0.685 vs Present RM 0.63 (-7% Loss)
15. Visdynamics - On 25th September RM 0.225 vs Present RM 0.37 (64% Gain)
16. Yee Lee - On 12 December RM 2.30 vs Present RM RM2.41 (4.7% Gain)
Total Average for 16 Stocks = 8.6% GAIN for the Full Year 2016 
Beat FBMKLCI by Net Gain 13.05% for Full Year 2016
For the full year 2016, Tradeview Group close the year with 11 / 16 winners against losers. Additionally, we have net gain of 8.6% for the year vs FBM KLCI -4.45% for 2016. Tradeview Value Picks 2016 beat the market by a total net 13.05%. 
Top 5 Sectors For Investment in 2017
Visdynamics Holdings Bhd. (Update)

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Friday, 15 October 2021
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