December 06, 2022

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Peterlabs Holdings Berhad - Long Term Value Stock (Update)

Dear all, I just want to drop in a quick update on Peterlabs. Back in 2020, I highlighted Peterlabs in an article dated 10th December. I shared Peterlabs as my gratitude stock to all readers as the numbers of followers on my Telegram channel finally hit 6000 pax. Why did I choose Peterlabs? There are many reasons and it was highlighted in the earlier article. For those who missed it earlier, you can read it here :

The one main reason, why I focused on Peterlabs apart from it being a fundamentally sound penny stock is because I know it is one of those stocks majority of retail investors can benefit from it if they are willing to buy and hold for some time. There were plenty of time for retail investors to patiently accumulate the stock over the past 6 months as it wasn't driven by technical or promotional efforts. The only question is the timeline for it to move.

Whenever people or prominent investors write about articles especially on forums, many are for pump and dump purposes. It is an unscrupulous means to attract retail investors into buying a stock promoted then once it gains traction, dump it all and the outcome, is retail investors losing money. It pains me to see if happen over and over again as I know most retail investors invest with their hard earned money.

Every time I write about companies, I focus on the quality of the company apart from the financials. It is important to remember "The MONEY Equation" which I highlight in my book - Once Upon A Time In Bursa. It is a simple and practical guide towards finding good companies in Bursa, be it big or small cap stocks.

Today, Peterlabs hit and exceeded my Fair Value of 30 sens as highlighted in my earlier article. I honestly, do not know why it has been moving rapidly for the past weeks. Some say strong earnings report soon. Some say privatisation or corporate exercise. I absolutely have no insights to all of these and I don't really bother myself with these unfounded rumours. I only know that there were many penny stocks with poor fundamentals surging through the roof for the past 1 year. Peterlabs on the other hand being fundamentally sound barely moved and staying mostly stagnant at 22-23 sens. 

Many will claim credit for surging stocks, but retail investors must be smart and trace the source where it was first highlighted. I know some "Guru" are now promoting due to the huge surge in volume. As far as I am concern, the fair value is still the same at 30 sens unless something fundamentally or structurally has changed. Also, those "Guru" who are promoting Peterlabs saying it is a manufacturer of "dog food", they clearly didn't do their home work. I would highly recommend readers to have a look at my previous article and do a proper study to understand the background of the business. 

With this episode, I hope retail investors who benefit from investing in Peterlabs remember the virtue of patience whilst investing. 6 months for 30% return is not too shabby. Ultimately, I am a fundamentalist. I believe in investing in good companies that meet the metrics of The MONEY Equation. If it does, I have no problem holding for the long term.

As MCO impending lockdown, I know many retail investors would once again flood the stock market. I hope all will invest wisely and be careful not to be trapped by pump & dump operators or fake "Gurus". Take care & stay safe.


For link to my new book - "Once Upon A Time In Bursa", please click HERE :

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Tuesday, 06 December 2022
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