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Thursday, 31 December 2020

(Tradeview 2020) - Year-To-Date Portfolio Return 56.3% as at 31st December 2020


Dear fellow Readers,

2020 which was supposed to be a fresh start of new decade has brought about a rude awakening for all due to the pandemic that swept across the globe. Global economies pummelled, unemployment piled up and importantly many lives were loss. This was no ordinary war. It was a war against a lasting pandemic. Looking back, it is truly a difficult year for everyone. As a natural optimist, I believe there is a silver lining to everything. Looking on to 2021, may it be a better year for all be it in life or investments in the stock market.

As in the past years practice (5 consecutive years now), I have always shared my performance with the sole purpose for transparency and accountability. This is the updated results as of end of December 2020 for my personal record purposes. 
This is just a simple periodical report to keep track of the progress of my write up. Feel free to cross check my public comments or article posting date as reference. 

*When it was written YTD ending 31st December 2020 : (Gains exclude dividend) 

1. Oriental Holdings Berhad - On 6th May @ RM 5.03 vs Present RM 5.47 (8.74% Gain) 

2. Riverstone Holdings Ltd - On 5th March @ 43.5 sens (post bonus issue adjustment) vs Present $1.11  (255% Gain) 

3. Sri Trang Agro - On 16th August  @ $ 1.21 vs Present $ 1.16 (-4.2% Loss) 

4. MFCB - On 16th March @ RM3.40 & 22nd August @ RM 7.35 (combined both) vs Present RM 6.90 (28.4% Gain) 

5. Hartalega  - On 19th September @ RM 14.16 vs Present RM 12.14 (-14.2% Loss) 

6. Peterlabs Holdings Bhd  - On 10th December @ 24 sens vs Present 23.5 (-2.08% Loss) 

7. DKSH Bhd - On 5th March @ 2.55 vs Present RM3.39 (32.9% Gain) 

8. CCK Bhd - On 5th March @ 47 sens vs Present 62.5 sens (32.9% Gain)

9. OCK Holdings Bhd - On 5th March @ 53 sens vs Present 45 sens (-15.1% Losses) 

10. RCE Capital Bhd - On 5th March @ RM 1.64 vs Present RM 2.75 (67.6% Gain) 

11. GCB Bhd - On 12th March @ RM 1.85 vs Present RM 2.67 (44.3% Gain) 

11. Pintaras Jaya Bhd - On 12th March @ RM 2.50 vs Present RM 2.70 (8% Gain) 

12. Scicom Bhd - On 19th March @ 52 sens vs Present 93 sens (78.8% Gain) 

13. RHB Bank Bhd - On 19th March @ RM 4.40 vs Present RM 5.45 (23.8% Gain) 

14. Pentamaster Bhd - On 19th March @ RM 1.85 (Post Bonus Issue adjustment) vs Present Post Bonus Issue RM 5.05 (272.9% Gain) 

15. Public Bank Bhd - On 19th March @ RM 13.10 vs Present RM 20.60 (57.3% Gain) 

16. QL Resources Bhd - On 19th March @ RM 4.60 (Post Bonus Issue adjustment) vs Present Post Bonus Issue RM 5.80 (26% Gain) 

The Average Portfolio Gain Year-To-Date 31st December (Based on equal shareholding weightage but excluding dividend gain which means actual return would be higher) : 56.3% Gain beating the KLCI Index YTD Return of 2.42% Gain  

To date, it is 12/16 winners against losers. Should you are keen to follow my writings, there are 4 ways to do so. I usually share my writings :

If you are keen to learn how to invest the right way and navigate the stock market, feel free to contact me at [email protected] to sign up. Please note, I am a fundamentalist, not a short term speculator or punter. If you are looking for a quick trade, I do not provide such services. However, if you would like exposure to a sound investment education to build a sustainable long term investment portfolio, feel free to reach out. Thank you. 



**Please note this is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is also not an investment opinion or advice. Please seek professional advice when considering risk and making investment decision. I am not a "Guru" but I am a passionate financial writer who enjoy fundamental investing including the joys and sorrows that the stock market brings. The above mentioned stocks' price were based on the prevailing market price during my first mention in my writings. The record above is based on the assumption of a full YTD portfolio returns on a fundamental investing strategy of buy and hold.

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