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Sunday, 11 June 2017

(Tradeview 2017) - The Fallacy of Money Game VS Hard Work

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We have received several emails by our avid readers. They have been asking how come we have not written in awhile on financial advice articles. It is true, our latest two articles was on Peterlabs as Value Pick of 2017 and May Monthly Report Card, we have not been posting any articles. There is a reason for this, and it is because of the surge in fake rumours, promotional articles and fake publicity, we do not wish to be associated with these parties, hence reduced our writing. However, due to the recent proliferation on  "Money Game" victims, we feel it is necessary for us to share our views on this as a to provide caution to the general mass. 

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By now, I think most people are familiar with JJPTR. They used the premise that their goal is to save the poor and help the public attain wealth. Instead it is a total conjob and scam. My question is, why would anyone fall for this? How can anyone in the world believe these people's nonsense? 

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The picture above is Robin Hood. For those who are not familiar, Robin Hood is a folk hero of Sheffield who helped the poor by robbing from the rich during Prince John's reign in the absence of King Richard who was off on to war. People were suffering due to low income, high tax, starvation etc. Come to think of it, while Malaysia is not that bad, fact of the matter is, for the past few years, income of the people have been stagnant while inflation is high (property, car, food etc), GST was imposed,  weak MYR and many others. Hence, many people started to think of alternative ways to increase their income such as driving Grab or Uber, teaching tuition, working 2-3 extra jobs / shifts etc. These are the hardworking, honest and grounded individuals. 

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Others turn to "Get Rick Quick Schemes",  speculating in the share market, FOREX and all. Is it wrong wanting to invest in the share market? No. However, speculating in the share market thinking it will lead you to wealth and prosperity or putting your money in schemes and expecting more than 100% return in 1 year for doing absolutely nothing is a huge mistake. 

We often hear, ordinary salarymen will never be rich except the few who reach the top of the corporate ladder. Only way to get out of the rat race is to invest wisely. We too believe in this adage, which is why we often advocate the right way of investing. NOT speculating. The situation has been getting out of hand in the past few months with many Telegram channels, groups, articles promoting lousy goreng stocks and misleading the public into investing in these counters. Many of these groups have their ulterior motives. Yet, over and over, people still fall for these.

Hence, we would like to share with you all few simple points to remember in avoiding avoid these pitfalls in your investment journey. 

1. 20% Per Annum Return 

This is very important number. Two of the most successful investors in the world today Warren Buffet and George Soros have been successful because they have delivered an average portfolio return to their clients 20% per annum over a long duration. It does not mean they deliver 20% every year but in the course of the entire investment timeline, their average is so. They are also respected not because of the return % but because of their consistency. So if anyone comes to tell you that they can give you 20% return in 1 month, it is a RED FLAG for it being SCAM. Stay away and do not look back. All enquirers and subscribers who ask Tradeview team if we can assure them 20% return, our reply will be, a good fund manager would be very happy with above 10% portfolio return per annum. Anything above is a bonus. 

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2. Buy on Rumour, Sell on News

We are quite sure everyone of you all have heard this phrase before. We do not dispute this saying. My only question to all who invest based on this philosophy, how sure are you that when you hear of this rumour, you are at the early stage and not one the latest? By the time the rumour reaches ordinary people on the street, you should be wary and listen to this rumour with a pinch of salt. Sometimes, these rumours are deliberately shared by operators /  promoters intending to trap unknowing retailers. A very simple test, ask yourself, do your uncle in the park or relative at the dining table know about this rumour? If yes, it is a sign to stay away. Additionally, investing based on rumour and hearsay is the most dangerous form of investment. In fact, it is not investing. It is speculating. Speculating is akin to gambling. For the thrill, sure. To get rich and achieve financial freedom, 0 chance.  

Ex in 2017 : IWCITY & Bandar Malaysia deal being called off. This is a classic example of investing in a fundamentally poor company but relying on the future prospect to justify the share price valuation at RM3. Even the owner came out to say the company would be worth RM5. How much is IWCITY now? If you look back at Tradeview telegram channel, we have REPEATEDLY warn our readers against putting money in IWCITY based on this news alone. Many other channels were promoting heavily IWCITY. What happened to those investors?

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3. Guaranteed Return on Investment

We have talked about this before in an earlier article sometime back in 2016. Link as attached 

Placing your funds in Fixed Deposit is the closest thing to guarantee. However, when it come to investing, the word in itself carries an element of risk. It requires certain market condition which allows one to enjoy the margin of return between time of investing and time of realising the investment. Ex: Buying a property in good location and a fundamentally sound stock during crisis and selling when the economy has recover. It requires a lot of hard work, foresight, guts and appetite. Even after having all the necessary qualities and factors in place, nothing is guaranteed. 

Many "schemes" that guarantee returns have left the so called investors in tough situations like Genneva, ZhangJian, JJPTR, Skim Cepat Kaya etc

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4. Education

There is no end to learning. We are learning something new from different individuals and life experiences. The day one should stop learning is the day our utility runs out. They always say, the best investment is education. As long as it is proper education, and you learn something good, then it is a worthwhile investment. Personal development is very important. So long as you keep improving yourself, you will never be irrelevant. Think of it as a software update like your Iphone / Android. Best thing, no one can ever take it away from you.

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5. Greed is Good. Or is it?

This is a famous saying of Wall Street movie back in 1980s. We do agree to some extent. A small amount of greed acts as good driving force towards achieving something. But an overdose of greed leads to crime and corruption. It also brings along downfall. Those who fall victim to SCAMS and conjobs are because their greed blinded their ability to see the truth. Regardless of what advice people have shared with them, they cannot see and they may even think why are you stopping them from achieving success. Tradeview team always encourage our readers to take profit if they are happy. While we have our own Target Price, we always remind the readers if you are happy, sell. Not sure, sell half, hold half. If you intend to ride, please set trailing stop. Everyone has their own risk appetite and threshold. Most importantly, be happy and contented with a gain. A gain is still a gain.   

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6. Hard Work

This is no substitute for hard work in life. It is true, some systems in the world do not reward those who work hard, honest and decent. That is the flaw of the system. However, if one do not work hard, one do not stand a chance at all. Working hard gives your the opportunity to make something of yourself. However, if you sit back and wait for a handout, you are denying yourself that opportunity. 

Ex: Going into the forum, reading comments and investing your money based on comments into the stock then waiting to sell on contra period WiLL NOT make you successful


Analysing, studying annual report, reading the charts, looking at historical prices, read research reports, articles, doing site visit to corroborate your investment thesis WILL make you successful. 

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Be true to yourself. Investing for financial freedom is a life long journey. It is not gambling. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, discipline and focus. If you can commit yourself to finding value in the market and investing as if you are a part owner, you are investing the right way. 

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Food for thought: 

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

(Tradeview 2017) - Monthly Report Card (As at 31st May)

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Dear fellow traders / investors,

As in the past years, I will be continuing the practice of recording my calls for the public. The report will show the monthly record for year 2017. The purpose is for transparency and accountability. This is the updated results as of end May. 

For those keen to be a subscriber, there are several links below

This is just a simple periodical report to keep track of the progress of my picks for readers. Feel free to cross check my public comments / article posting date as reference for the calls. Some are calls, some are articles on value picks but all are documented.

*The picks from when it was call until 31 May 2017 : (Gains exclude div) 

1. Poh Huat - Called on 23 December @ RM 1.73 vs Present RM 1.81 (4.6% Gain) 

2. Allianz - Called on 7th Jan @ RM 10.18 vs Present RM 12.50 (22.8% Gain) 

3. EG Industries - Called on @ 9th Jan RM 0.865 vs Present RM 0.855 (-1.2% Loss) 

4. CCK Consolidated - Called on @ 23rd January RM 0.645 vs Present RM 0.96 (48.8% Gain) 

5. Magnum - Called on @ 23rd January RM 2.10 vs Present RM 1.71 (-19% Loss) 

6. Paramount Corporation Bhd - Called on @ 1st March RM 1.65 vs Present RM 1.8 (9.1% Gain) 

7. Scope Industries Bhd - Called on @ 3rd March RM 0.155 vs Present RM 0.245 (58% Gain) 

8. Kronologi Asia Bhd - Called on @ 15th April RM 0.35 vs Present RM 0.47 (34% Gain) 

9. Red Sena Bhd - Called on @ 7th May RM 0.45 vs Present RM 0.455 (1.1% Gain) 

10. Peterlabs Holding Bhd - Called on @ 20th May RM 0.285 vs Present RM 0.31 (8.8% Gain) 

Our Average Portfolio Gain Year-To-Date (Based on equal shareholding & excluding dividend gain) : 16.70% Gain beating the KLCI Index Return of 7.28%  

*** In fairness, I excluded Magni and Yee Lee as both were 2016 Value Picks & MFCB and Jaks as called Nov / Dec 2016

As of now, it is 8/10 winners against losers. Should you are keen to follow my trades, there are 4 ways to follow Tradeview Group. I usually share my calls with :

1. Private Exclusive Subscribers first
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3. Telegram Public Channel third
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**Some counters I may have spotted at lower entry price but I displayed the call price based on my first mention in public forums. Also, of all the counters above, some counters I have taken profit, some are still holding, some I have cut loss. My private subscribers would know.