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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

(Tradeview 2016) - Monthly Shareholdings Report Card (As of End October)

(Tradeview 2016) - Monthly Shareholdings Report Card (As of End October)

Author: tradeview   |   Publish date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016, 02:23 PM

Dear fellow traders / investors,

I have made several calls from end 2015 and start of 2016. This is the updated results as of end October. 

The links are as below

Blog :

This is just a simple periodical report to keep track of the progress of my picks for readers. My updates is for the purpose of transparency and accountability to the calls I have made. Feel free to cross check my comments / article posting date as reference for the calls.

*The picks from when it was call until 29 Nov 2016 : (Gains exclude div) 

1. Cycle Carriage Bintang - Called on 29th Oct RM 3.30 vs Present RM 2.90  (-13% Loss)

2. Apollo - Called on 30th Oct RM 4.91 vs Present RM 5.86 (19.3% Gain) 

3. Gadang - Called on 30th Oct RM 1.63 vs Present RM 0.955 (Equivalent to RM 2.56 after share split and bonus) (57% Gain)

4. Magni Tech - Called on 22nd Dec Oct RM 4.20 vs Present RM4.19 (0.5% Loss)

5. UPA - Called on 4th Nov RM 1.70 vs Present RM 2.09 (23% Gain)

6. FFHB - Called on 29th Dec RM 0.81 vs Present RM 0.71 (-13% Loss)

7. Perstima - Called on 29th Dec RM 5.35 vs Present RM 6.75 (26% Gain)

8. Teoseng- Called on 29th Jan RM 1.29 vs Present RM 0.99 (-24% Loss) 

9. Analabs- Called on 26th Feb RM 2.06 vs Present RM 2.26 (9.7% Gain)

10. SCC - Called on 17th May RM 2.09 vs Present RM 1.75 (-16.4% Loss)

11. Digi - Called on 10th May RM 4.4 vs Present RM 4.97 (12.9% Gain)

12. Litrak - Called on 3rd June RM 5.4 vs Present RM 5.88 (8.88% Gain)

13. BJToto - Called on 5th May RM 3.00 vs Present RM 3.10 (3.33% Gain)

14. Pensonic - Called on 31st July RM 0.685 vs Present RM 0.74 (-1.5% Loss)

15. Visdynamics - Called on 25th September RM 0.225 vs Present RM 0.24 ( 6.7% Gain)

As of now, it is 9/15 winners against losers.Should you are keen to follow my trades, there are 3 ways to follow me.I usually share my calls with the 1. private exclusive subscribers first 2. Telegram second 3. Blog / Forum followers third. 

If you are keen to have the earliest possible call picks or FA/TA coaching, feel free to contact me at [email protected] to sign up. Thanks.



**Some counters I may have spotted at lower entry price but I displayed the call price based on my first mention in public forums. Also, of the 15 counters above, some counters I have taken profit, some are still holding, some I have cut loss. My subscribers would know. 

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